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Network upgrade offers greater security, functionality

The state’s network is more secure and now offers greater functionality following a series of recent upgrades, officials said.
Commonwealth Office of Technology recently increased security on its network by deploying an intrusion prevention system that offers security officials not only the ability to monitor and respond to network threats in real time, but also the ability to prevent them from occurring.
Kim Green Thomas, information systems manager at COT, said the new intrusion prevention system works much like its legacy counterpart, an intrusion detection system, but the key advantage between the two lies in the ability of the IPS to go a step further to prevent malicious traffic.
The extra protection provided by the new intrusion prevention system is a significant addition to the secure network infrastructure already provided by the COT, Thomas said. The IPS allows COT to take a more proactive approach to protecting the network from malicious attacks.
In a separate project, the agency’s Network Operations Branch successfully deployed new firewalls for both the Internet and Intranet that will offer redundancy and allow room for growth in the future, according to Danny Harney, manager of the agency’s Network Operations Branch.
Harney said additional upgrades to the network included new hardware that decreased the electrical and cooling footprint both at the Commonwealth Data Center and at Kentucky Emergency Warning System locations.
Commissioner Steve Rucker said the improvements have given COT the ability to enhance security and deliver an unprecedented level of support, consistency and scalability to state agencies at a reduced cost.
“I am proud of our organization’s hard work and dedication in bringing these projects to fruition to better serve the needs of state agencies,” Rucker said.


Last Updated 4/7/2011