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Disaster recovery a ‘success’

Commonwealth Office of Technology employees successfully recovered all of the computer systems that were tested during a recent disaster recovery exercise.
Sally Arnold, disaster recovery coordinator at COT, said the organization periodically tests its disaster recovery ability to ensure that the state’s critical applications will continue to function successfully should a catastrophic event occur. 
The support group was able to recover 15 different systems and more than a dozen critical applications on the mainframe successfully from the hot site in just 80 hours during an exercise held April 25 through April 29.
The test was scheduled for 96 hours but COT’s staff completed the exercise in a little over three days, working diligently from the state’s data center as well as locations in two other states, Arnold said.  The network was functional in about 12 hours, while the mainframe took nearly twice that amount of time, she said.
“It was a huge undertaking but we managed to recover every system successfully,” Arnold said, adding that some employees worked relentlessly with little sleep during the test to ensure success.
Disaster recovery provides an IT road map for operations should a disaster impact the Commonwealth Data Center. It is designed to reduce confusion and provide a framework for recovery and restoration of critical systems.
“An integral part of the mission of COT is to ensure availability of Mission Critical Applications and data,” COT Commissioner Steve Rucker said. “We must take strides each day to better prepare ourselves in the event of a true disaster.”


Last Updated 5/18/2011