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Digital States Survey
Kentucky received a score of B+ in the 2010 Digital States Survey. The biennial survey measures the use of technology in state governments. More

Kentucky scores well in biennial survey
A biennial survey that measures digital technology use by state governments gave Kentucky a grade of B+ for 2010.
The Digital States Survey is heralded by the Center for Digital Government as a benchmark for states’ use of digital technologies that improve service delivery, increase capacity, change cost structures, and reach policy goals in state government, according to a statement by the organization. It provides a common reference for all 50 states in finding better ways to do the public’s business, according to the center’s Web site. More

Kentucky receives additional $3.2 million in stimulus dollars to continue broadband outreach
FRANKFORT, Ky. —  Gov. Steve Beshear today announced that Kentucky has been awarded an additional  $3.2 million in grants for broadband mapping and outreach programs through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  Kentucky has already received awards from the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utility Service for improving broadband access.  This grant, combined with those prior awards and matching public and private funds contributes to a total statewide broadband investment of more than $396 million.

NASCIO recognizes state site
Kentucky’s award winning Open Door e-transparency Web site recently received additional kudos from the National Association of Chief Information Officers during the group’s annual conference.
The Open Door site ( was named a 2010 Recognition Award finalist in the category of Open Government Initiatives, along with North Carolina’s State Board of Elections Voter Portal and Colorado’s Online Transparency Initiatives. Minnesota’s “What’s My Neighborhood?” Web site redesign project took top honors in that category. More

Windows 7 gains EASC approval

Windows 7 has been cleared for agency use by the state’s Enterprise Architecture and Standards Committee.

The committee announced Sept. 15 that both the 32- and- 64-bit versions of Windows 7 have been added to its approved product listing, although agencies must ensure that the hardware meets all requirements and existing applications are thoroughly tested before migration, according to Glenn Thomas, director of information technology governance at Commonwealth Office of Technology. More

KSD a finalist in computer honors program External link icon
For the past two years, Kentucky School for the Deaf has been using video conferencing as a program to teach their students English and American Sign Language. The video conferencing technology has a two-way camera that enables visual communication through the internet with other organizations such as other schools and museums.

National Tech Stories
Techlines Trivia Question of the Month

Question:  How many states besides Kentucky received a grade of B+ in the 2010 Digital States Survey?

Answer:  Kentucky and eight other states received B+ grades: California, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, and Tennessee. 

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Techlines Trivia Question of the Month

How many states received a grade of B+ in the 2010 Digital States Survey?

(See the answer at the bottom of this page.)


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