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2010 Kentucky Digital Summit Best of Kentucky award winners

David Couch (center), chief information officer for the Kentucky Department of Education, was presented with one of two 2010 Kentucky Digital Government Visionary Awards.  
The awards recognize government managers or officials who have demonstrated vision, leadership and support of technology initiatives within their organizations.  They are presented to those who possess a clear record of driving the use of technology, have demonstrated the ability to identify future needs, and have passion for serving the public.
Couch is the CIO for Kentucky’s Department of Education, and has kept the education community on the cutting edge of technology for many years. 
Education Week Magazine has ranked Kentucky among its top five states for the last three years in access, use, and capacity to use technology in K-12 schools. The state is the first to have high speed Internet access in every school and district office, and has also been recognized as the best state providing equity of access regardless of the size or location of the school or demographics of the student.
Those pictured with Couch (from left) include Chuck Austin, Phil Coleman, Karen Dayley, Commonwealth Office of Technology Deputy Commissioner Jim Barnhart. From right, COT Deputy Commissioner Robin Morley, Mike Leadingham, Kentucky Chief Information Officer Phil Baughn and Lisa Moore.

Another Kentucky Digital Government Visionary for 2010 is Rama Dhuwaraha.
Dhuwaraha is the city of Lexington’s first Chief Information Officer. He came to the government after serving as director of business development with Lexington’s QX Networking and Design Inc.
Dhuwaraha previously served as vice president of Win Enterprises, which merged with QX. He is vice president of the Kentucky Internet Service Providers Association and holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Kentucky.
Above, Dhuwaraha receives the award from COT Deputy Commissioner Jim Barnhart, Commissioner Phil Baughn (left) and Deputy Commissioner Robin Morley.

In the category of Best Risk Management Initiative, Roni-Beth Crouch, Richard Chapman and Kathy Frye accepted the award for the Compliance Audit Management Tool.
The agency established an audit center on SharePoint to centralize all CHFS audit information. 
The Cabinet developed forms into which the audits could be archived at a granular level and entered the audits into full electronic format.  This provides both a centralized, accessible repository of information while also serving to standardize the information into a single format.
 The primary advantage to the state from this project is in cost avoidance.  Security regulations require the state to protect data with monetary penalties.  HIPAA now has maximum fines up to $1.5 million per incident. 
Additionally, the state derives benefits from federal programs with very specific requirements on how to protect its data.  The use of data from the IRS alone leads to millions in revenue for the state Child Support Enforcement program. 
By having a compliance program and tool to protect the use of this information, the state avoids business interruptions which could cost the state millions of dollars. The three are pictured (center) with Commonwealth Office of Technology Deputy Commissioners Jim Barnhart and Robin Morley, as well as Kentucky Chief Information Officer Phil Baughn (right).


In the category of Best Application Serving Public Agencies, we recognize systems that assist the organization in handling its day-to-day work.
This year's Best of Kentucky is proud to recognize two programs in this category.
The first recipient is Western Kentucky University’s Kentucky Mesonet. 
The Kentucky Mesonet is a network of automated meteorological and climatologically sensing stations deployed across the entire Commonwealth.  The Mesonet has made substantial contributions to operational meteorology and climatology by collecting, storing, and distributing over 5 million observations containing 100 million individual measurements. 
Collaborating with Commonwealth Office of Technology and the Division of Geographic Information, WKU enabled a GeoRSS feed of the Mesonet’s data. This feed was incorporated into the Kentucky Event Mapping and Analysis Portal (KEMAP) and the Kentucky Weather Mapping website thus allowing first responders and the Commonwealth’s citizen’s map-based access to timely weather information.
Currently, ESRI is showcasing the Kentucky Weather Mapping Site as an example Web 2.0 application.
Accepting the award on behalf of this project is Mike Grogan (second from right) from WKU and Stuart Foster (right), Director of the Kentucky Mesonet. COT Commissioner Phil Baughn and Deputy Commissioners Robin Morley and Jim Barnhart are pictured from left.

Another program recognized for Best Application Serving Public Agencies award, we recognize the Kentucky Integrated Child Care System (KICCS) Provider Portal. 
The KICCS Provider Portal system is a collaborative effort between the Cabinet of Health and Family Services (CHFS), Department for Community Based Services (DCBS), Division of Child Care (DCC), the Office of Administrative and Technology Services (OATS), Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), and individuals and agencies which provide child care for state-subsidized eligible families. 
This web based application is designed for use by public or private for-profit, non-profit, licensed, certified and regulated child care providers who are currently approved or pending approval to participate in the state’s child care subsidized assistance program.  The portal allows child care providers to complete and submit Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) billing forms and view/print payment remittances online, allowing for a paperless process.  
Pictured above (from left) is COT Deputy Commissioners Robin Morley and Jim Barnhart along with award recipients Kathy Frye, MaryBeth JacksonShari Randle, and Mark Cornett who accepted the award. COT Commissioner Phil Baughn is pictured at right.


In the category of Most Innovative Use of Technology by a government agency, we recognize the unique and resourceful use of technology by a state or local Government agency.
Representing Kentucky State Police, Derek Nesselrode (third from left) and Michael David (second from right) in the photo above accepted the award for KSP's innovative use of the Bar Coded Evidence Analysis Statistics and Tracking System (BEAST). 
Due to the increased demand to provide more advanced evidence and data tracking the KSP began searching for a system to assist in accomplishing these goals.  In June, 2007 KSP implemented BEAST, a laboratory Information Management System.   
The system is integrated with bar codes to expedite evidence receiving as it arrives at the laboratories.  All evidence is bar coded and given unique identifiers to ensure proper cataloging of evidence. 
BEAST is incredibly dynamic and allows for custom modifications based on end-user requirements.  It also offers powerful statistical data analysis tools. 
These tools allow laboratory management to identify trends in data, which, in turn, allows for the proper allocation of time and supplies to provide the most accurate and beneficial services to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Jim Barnhart and Robin Morley (left), deputy commissioners at COT, are pictured with Nesselrode and David, along with Kentucky Chief Information Officer Phil Baughn.


In the category of the Best Application Serving the Public, we recognize teams that have designed, developed and deployed applications or improved existing systems that directly deliver services more efficiently and effectively to the public.
With this award, we recognize the Kentucky Virtual Campus. Accepting the award is Deepa Dubal (second from left) and Al Lind, vice president of information technology for KYVC (center). 
The Kentucky Virtual Campus (KYVC) is a program of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE), which coordinates change and improvement in Kentucky's postsecondary education system. Its mission is to serve as "a statewide advocate for access to learning through technology, a convener of partners that use resources effectively, and a catalyst for innovation and excellence in eLearning."
The campus strives to be a technology-based clearinghouse for quality online college courses, professional development, and supplemental studies.
The campus offers numerous benefits to the Commonwealth. As a nationally recognized leader in providing online learning services, the KYVC extends to the Commonwealth’s citizens a “one-stop shop” to achieve all of their educational goals from K-12, postsecondary, adult education, professional development, and continuing education.  Online 24 hours each day, every day of the year, services eliminate time and place-bound restrictions that may previously have prevented citizens from continuing their education. 
The online learning environment also allows students to learn at their own pace.  Pictured with Dubal and Lind are COT Deputy Commissioners Jim Barnhart (left) and Robin Morley (second from right), along with Kentucky Chief Information Officer Phil Baughn (right).

In the category of Best IT Collaboration Among Organizations, we recognize special efforts to facilitate inter-organizational technology projects, data sharing or integration that results in greater cooperation between government agencies or business units.
This year’s recipient is the Kentucky State Police E-Warrants program.
To combat the issues plaguing the existing warrant system, a number of law enforcement agencies teamed with KSP to form a partnership in the development and implementation of a paperless electronic warrant system. 
Those agencies include the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security, the office of Attorney General, and Administrative Office of the Courts.
The pilot system was created in 2008 and implemented in six counties: Jefferson, Campbell, Fayette, Woodford, Bourbon, and Scott.  The design of E-Warrants has all but eradicated the problems of the paper-based system. 
This system is web-based, and provides users the ability to create complaints, sign complaints into warrants, and access those warrants wherever they have internet connectivity.
Accepting the award on behalf of E-Warrants is Captain John Carrico (second from right) and Derek Nesselrode (center) of the Kentucky State Police.  COT Deputy Commissioners Jim Barnhart and Robin Morley (left) and Kentucky Chief Information Officer Phil Baughn (right) are also pictured.


Last Updated 6/11/2010