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Efficiency abounds with COT’s move to virtual servers

Commonwealth Office of Technology’s move to virtual servers has cut energy costs, shortened customer deployment and service response time, and helped reduce equipment space in the state’s data center, an official said.
Dave Tucker, director of COT's Division of Technical Services, said the move to virtual servers has been nothing short of a success. He estimates the move has saved thousands in electricity, network and cooling costs.
“It has truly exceeded our expectations,” Tucker said. “It’s truly incredible the difference in efficiency.”
Virtualization technology has allowed the agency to deploy as many as 70 virtual servers on each physical server, Tucker said, and that has saved energy and cooling costs. Virtual server deployment can be accomplished in only minutes, and that helps customers get up and running very quickly which allows us to better serve their needs, he said.
In a 2009 report entitled "Server Virtualization: One Path That Leads to Cloud Computing" Gartner asserted that virtualization is “much more than a tactical cost-cutting trend.”
“Server virtualization is a major priority for large enterprises, and during the next few years, for smaller enterprises as well,” the report stated. “Initially, organizations see virtualization as an effective technology for consolidation – reducing server sprawl, increasing utilization rates, and reducing capital and power/cooling expense.”
The report said server virtualization is an IT modernization catalyst that will change how IT is acquired, consumed, managed, sourced, and paid for. Virtualization will even change how businesses innovate and grow.
With virtualization IT will become more service based, delivering scalable and elastic resources with much greater speed, driving economies of scale with shared resources, and measuring and perhaps charging back based on dynamic usage.


Last Updated 8/11/2010