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COT announces lower rates

Increased capacity and processing power on the state’s enterprise sever has resulted in significantly reduced rates from Commonwealth Office of Technology.
The enterprise server offline rate has fallen from $3,600 per CPU hour in 2007 to $1,550 for the current fiscal year, according to the latest figures released by the agency.  The online usage rate has also fallen dramatically, from $100 in fiscal year 2007 to $35 for the current fiscal year.
“These continuously decreasing rates are a result of aggressive cost saving measures at COT - coupled with an ever-improving cost structure for enterprise servers,” according to Greg McCall, a systems consultant with COT.
While the rate reductions are taking place, the number of transactions processed on the enterprise server has been increasing dramatically. Recent upgrades have delivered more processing power, and that additional capacity has resulted in even more transaction processing, but at a much lower cost per transaction, McCall said.
For example, the enterprise server processed more than 126 million online transactions in the month of July 2006, at an average cost of $0.0094 per transaction. One year later, the monthly transaction volume had increased to more than 136 million, while the average cost had dropped to $0.0077 per transaction.
The latest figures show the trend both continuing and escalating, with 178 million transactions processed in June of this year at an average cost per transaction of $0.0043.
“We have seen about a 40 percent increase in transaction volume while the cost has dropped roughly in half.  That’s a tremendous savings to agencies” McCall said.
COT is also offering much cheaper enterprise storage rates than in prior years. From fiscal year 2007 through fiscal year 2010, storage rates for the enterprise server held constant at $0.10 per megabyte, but that rate has now dropped to $0.005 for the current fiscal year.
“Each time we upgrade, we continue to get improved capacity and performance along with cost reduction” McCall said. “There simply isn’t any other platform that comes close to competing with the performance, security, scalability and fault tolerance of an enterprise server. 
For mission critical systems that simply must be up and available, only enterprise-class servers can deliver.”


Last Updated 8/16/2010