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Kentucky Chief Information Officer Phil Baughn

Kentucky Chief Information Officer Phil Baughn addressed members of the Geographic Information Advisory Council during the group's first meeting in more than five years on July 15. PHOTO/Demetrio Zourarakis   

GIAC returns after 5 years

After disbanding more than five years ago, the state’s Geographic Information Advisory Council has been reinstated.
The council was created in the early 1990s to advise the state Chief Information Officer on issues relating to geographic information and geographic information systems (GIS).  The council also recommends policies and procedures that assist state and local jurisdictions in developing, deploying and leveraging GIS resources and technology to improve public administration.
“We are very excited that GIAC has reconvened, and look forward to the direction this council can provide to help shape the future of our geospatial efforts,” said Brian E. Kiser, executive director of Commonwealth Office of Technology’s Office of Enterprise Technology. “Attendance at the meeting speaks volumes about the level of interest in working together to further the GIS efforts throughout the Commonwealth.”
The first meeting was held July 15. Quarterly meetings will continue, Kiser said.
The previous administration disbanded GIAC with the intent of recreating it with a different organizational structure, though that plan never came to fruition.
The current organizational structure provides a cross section of stakeholders from different regions of the state who work cooperatively to promote the effective and efficient deployment of geospatial technologies.  Membership consists of representatives from the executive branch, major statewide agencies, Kentucky Geological Survey, Kentucky League of Cities, Kentucky Association of Counties, and a legislative liaison.
Other organizations representing professional land surveyors, engineers and geologists are also represented. 


Last Updated 8/16/2010