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Brent Crossland, Entrust
Brent Crossland, senior manager of state government initiatives for Entrust, leads a discussion about the challenges associated with securing IT infrastructures at the Commonwealth Data Center Oct. 21. 

Cyber security, threats evolving
With the number of computer network and malware attacks increasing drastically around the world each year, cyber security experts agree that those attacks have become more sophisticated and targeted, driven primarily by financial gain.
According to Jeffrey Shipley, manager of Cisco’s Security Intelligence Operations Analysts Team, the Web ecosystem has become the number one threat vector, becoming more dangerous each year with a rapidly growing number of botnets, denial of service attacks and malicious business documents. 

Encryption safety net protects data
More than 1,200 laptops are reported missing each week at Los Angeles International Airport, according to a recent study by Dell and the Ponemon Institute.
The same study also revealed that more than 10 times that number (about 12,000) are reported missing at airports nationwide each week, and as many as seven in 10 of those devices are never reclaimed.
With statistics like these, it is easy to see why state government agencies are moving to encrypt more PCs - to keep sensitive data safe in the event that a state computer ends up in the wrong hands, according to Richard Smothermon, chief information security officer at Commonwealth Office of Technology.  

State in no rush for Windows 7
Windows 7, the much anticipated new operating system from Microsoft, launched Oct. 22, but it could be some time before state officials adopt it for the enterprise.
Glenn Thomas, Director of IT Governance at Commonwealth Office of Technology, said the state’s Enterprise Architecture and Standards Committee has discussed implementation of the OS, but there is no rush to get it on state issued PCs.

Attorney General Conway & CyberSafeKY Announce Back to School Safety Initiatives
Attorney General Jack Conway and the Kentucky Department of Education announced that ConnectKentucky will be joining their Internet safety partnership, CybersafeKY. ConnectKentucky is a non-profit organization that implements strategies for technology deployment, use and literacy in Kentucky. The CybersafeKY partnership will be expanding and launching new programs this school year to educate parents and help keep children safe.

Two Kentucky High-Tech Companies Awarded Funding for Expansions
FRANKFORT, Ky. (October 29, 2009) – The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority (KEDFA) today awarded two high-tech Kentucky companies, Louisville Bioscience, Inc., and Laboratory and BioDiagnostics, LLC, (LabDx), state funding of up to $250,000 each from the Cabinet for Economic Development’s High-Tech Investment Pool. The companies are anticipated to create a combined 36 new high-tech jobs at an average annual salary of over $64,000. 

News Briefs
Looking horizontally and long term
The Commonwealth should continue pursuing innovative, emerging technologies to help save money during tough economic times, said Kentucky Chief Information Officer Phil Baughn.  
Mr. Baughn, the state’s top information technology authority, presented his remarks during the opening address at the Convergence 2009 Conference held Oct. 8-9 at the Center for Rural Development in Somerset, Ky.  More than 200 educators, librarians, and technology support specialists gathered in Somerset for the conference focusing on educational technology.
 “COT (Commonwealth Office of Technology) and others must look horizontally, across all agencies, and longer-term on behalf of everyone,” Baughn said.

Bills take aim at those texting while driving
Two Kentucky lawmakers have filed bills that would ban motorists from texting while driving.
Rep. Rick Nelson and Rep. Jody Richards have each pre-filed bills ahead of the 2010 session of the Kentucky General Assembly that would fine those motorists up to $100 for every offense.
Nelson’s bill calls for a $50 fine for each offense, with a probationary period ending Nov. 1, 2010. Richards’ bill would hit drivers with penalties ranging from $20 to $100 and include a probationary period that ends on Jan. 1, 2011.
Most states are coming under increased pressure to pass laws aimed at curbing the practice of texting while driving, and Congress plans to take up the issue this year.
Commonwealth Office of Technology’s enterprise Internet and Electronic Mail Acceptable Use Policy, revised June 29, 2009, does not encourage nor support the use of any mobile communication devices while operating any motor vehicle.

Governor Reboots Kentucky’s Open Door, Version 2.0
FRANKFORT, Ky (October 13, 2009) – Gov. Steve Beshear today announced the re-launch of the state’s e-Transparency Web site,
In response to extensive public input, Kentucky’s Open Door has been significantly upgraded, improving user-friendliness and adding significant new categories of information, including comprehensive detail on state contracts, and up-to-date data on state employee salaries.

National Tech Stories
Techlines Trivia Question of the Month


Question:  How many laptops are stolen each week from U.S. airports?

Answer:  According to a study commissioned by Dell and the Ponemon Institute, more than 12,000 laptops are reported missing each week.

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Techlines Trivia Question of the Month

How many laptops are stolen each week from U.S. airports?

(See the answer at the bottom of this page.)


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