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COT launches Data Validation & Readiness Service

Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT) has launched a new service aimed at helping agencies clean up inaccurate and inconsistent data.
Using sophisticated tools, the new Data Validation & Readiness Service, administered through the agency’s Data Services Branch, can cleanse, standardize and validate IMS, DB2, Oracle, SQL, Access, xls, txt, and other data held by state government agencies regardless of its size or location. Duplicate records can be merged and matched with data pulled from other sources, and even transform that data so it can be understood by other systems, people or processes.  
“Accurate data is absolutely vital to our success, yet inconsistencies in data are noticed every day during the course of normal business,” COT Commissioner Phil Baughn said.
Data is constantly changing, and with those changes often comes duplicate mailing addresses, phone numbers and other information.  Accurate data can help agencies save money in postage, streamline operations, reduce legal liability and increase customer, client and constituent satisfaction.
Deputy Commissioner Robin Morley said COT has worked for months to perfect the service. She said aside from recognizing which data should be analyzed, technicians can correct problems efficiently and craft a strategy to keep problems from occurring in the future.
Marcella Wright, who oversees the agency's Data Services Branch, said a small team of COT employees worked nearly two years to perfect the tools to successfully do the job. Those team members include Carol Fugate, Bob Tankersley, David Stilz, Tom Zumwalt, and Ames O'Nan.
"The team is very excited about their role in enhancing the quality of data for the Commonwealth," Wright said.
For more information on COT's Data Validation & Readiness Service, contact the organization's service desk (


Last Updated 8/31/2009