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KDE move to SIS complete

All of Kentucky’s 174 school districts have successfully migrated to the Department of Education’s next generation Student Information System (KSIS), a centralized database housing and managing student data for public school children.
The move brings to an end more than two years of transition to a new Web-based system that allows authorized users to access grade books, lesson plans, Individual Education Plans and more from almost any workstation with Internet access, according to Kay Kennedy, director of the Division of District Operations and Pupil Transportation.
“Kentucky school districts have done an amazing job during this transition,” Kennedy said. “Once we get past the initial learning curve, there are many exciting features in this product that will help with the administrative tasks necessary to educate our children.”
The new system provides data in real time for schools, districts and state officials, and allows for easy management of student transfers and grade promotions from year to year, according to the Kentucky Department of Education Web site.
Infinite Campus Inc. won the contract to provide the statewide service through a competitive bid in 2006. The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) is funding the hardware and software.
For larger school districts, the application servers are housed on site, but Commonwealth Office of Technology is providing secured floor space in its data center for approximately 120 districts using KSIS, Deputy Commissioner Robin Morley said. 
“The server consolidation at COT has been an efficient and effective solution for KDE,” Kennedy said. “We have removed the support burden at the district level, and our vendor maintains one site instead of 120.”
Morley added that many states will soon envy Kentucky because this system will be among the best.


Last Updated 4/29/2009