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Agencies to reap savings from reduced computing costs

FRANKFORT, Ky. - Increased computing power and capacity on the state’s new mainframe computer will result in less computing costs for state agencies, according to Commonwealth Office of Technology.
Acting COT Commissioner Lori Flanery said investments in more efficient mainframe technology and implementation of new cost containment measures at the state’s technology agency led to the reduction in state computing costs.
“Our commitment to provide affordable, first-class technological services to the Commonwealth remains very strong, despite the fiscal challenges that lie ahead,” Flanery said. “This office will continue to vigorously investigate and pursue cost-saving measures to help the state save money during these difficult economic times.” 
Mainframe usage costs are going down, while power and efficiency offered by the new computer has increased drastically, said Steve Rucker, acting executive director in the agency’s Office of Infrastructure Services. The result will bring significant cost savings to those agencies that rely on the system to process online transactions and batch commands, he said.
Rucker said the agency replaced its aging mainframe on Aug. 11, a routine procedure that occurs about every six years. The new computer will take less time to complete the same tasks resulting in lower bills for state agencies.
Deputy Commissioner Robin Morley said if the workload remains relatively constant throughout the year ahead, projections show that agencies could reap significant cost savings.
The Commonwealth is facing flat revenue projections and a year-end shortfall estimated at $456 million, according to the latest figures released by Gov. Steve Beshear. State agencies have already been asked to slash budgets and take measures to reduce expenditures.
COT Deputy Commissioner Jim Barnhart said in the wake of those cuts COT wants to ensure state agencies that it is doing all it can to keep the costs of technological services down.
“As costs decrease, we are proud to pass those savings on,” Barnhart said. “(COT) is continuing to explore new ways to cut information technology costs.”
Commonwealth Office of Technology is charged with managing the efficient, effective and economical use of information technology and resources for state government.


Last Updated 11/26/2008