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E-Transparency Web Site Goes Online

Public asked for their input on “Kentucky’s Open Door” test site

FRANKFORT, Ky. —  A mockup of Kentucky’s first e-Transparency Web site is now online and members of the public are being asked to make comments on its design.  “Kentucky’s Open Door” Web site has been designed as a one-stop venue where citizens can review how their tax dollars are being spent, as well as obtain other vital information about state-funded programs. 

The Web site, which will be in full operation on January 1, 2009, will include:

• An easy to navigate homepage where citizens will be able to access financial data about the state in a user-friendly, easy-to-access manner;
• A fully interactive kids section, which will utilize games, cartoons and interactive lessons on budgets and government finance;
• A budget tutorial that allows the average citizen to log on and find out basic information on state expenditures, revenues and how budgets are developed;
• A budget builder game that will allow users to try their hand at balancing a budget and choosing realistic policy options in order to educate and engage in a hands-on way; and
• A broad number of searchable sections where citizens will be able to drill down into government expenditures, revenues, vendors and contracts.

Several suggestions on the design and content of the Web site were made last week before the e-Transparency statewide task force appointed by Gov. Steve Beshear.  Citizens are being encouraged to examine the design mockup, review the testimony presented at that meeting and offer their suggestions at

“I’m very excited about the work done so far by a broad, interagency effort to fulfill the governor’s e-transparency goals by January 1,” said Finance and Administration Secretary Jonathan Miller.  “Gov. Beshear’s vision of a more accountable, more responsible government will be closer to fulfillment when any citizen of the commonwealth can access from their home computer how their tax dollars are being used.”


Last Updated 11/20/2008