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Three State Archives and GIS Agencies Unite to Save Historic Electronic Files

Kentucky, North Carolina and Utah received a $500,000 grant from the Library of Congress’ National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) (, to preserve geographic information in a digital format. 

During the two-year grant period, the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives (KDLA) and the Commonwealth Office of Technology’s (COT) Division of Geographic Information (DGI) will work to preserve information currently stored in the Kentucky Geography Network (KYGEONET)
Under the leadership of the North Carolina Center for Geographic Information and Analysis, partners from the archival, library and geospatial communities in each state will explore ways to inventory and identify at-risk content; find and use best practices for preserving geospatial data in each state; and build multi-state data exchange networks, the ultimate goal to be a geographically dispersed content exchange network.  

With the growing need to access historic geospatial data, it is important for these three partner states to develop and test long-term preservation and access strategies, according to Zolt Nagy, the North Carolina grant coordinator.

“This effort in our three states helps support the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) adage 'collect it once, use it a bunch,'” said Nagy.

Through its NDIIPP program, the Library of Congress encourages the involvement of national, regional and professional associations in the multi-state projects. A list of all partners and background on the NDIIPP is at


Last Updated 3/5/2008