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General Election Turnout Data is Now Available

State Board of Elections Website

The State Board of Elections recently announced that turnout data for the November 2007 election is now available on its Web site at Statewide turnout was 37.8 percent for the general election, marking the lowest turnout in modern history for a Kentucky gubernatorial election cycle. That decline is in sharp contrast with rising turnout percentages in general elections that had been seen over the last few years in Kentucky.

“I am optimistic that this decline in turnout is specific to only the 2007 general election,” stated Secretary of State Trey Grayson, Kentucky’s Chief Election Official. “My colleagues in other states have seen tremendous turnout during the 2008 election cycle, and I remain hopeful that Kentuckians will also see increased participation this year.”

Franklin County had the highest turnout percentage with 59.7 percent of registered voters turning out to vote. Martin County had the lowest turnout percentage with 19.3 percent. Statewide, Democrats, Republicans and voters listed as Other turned out at 40.8 percent, 36.2 percent and 21.6 percent, respectively. 

Turnout in the 2003 general election, the most recent comparable election, was 40.2 percent. Turnout for the 2004 and 2006 general elections were 64.7 percent and 49.5 percent, respectively.

For more detailed voter information including statistics on individual county or precinct turnout, or to view more detailed turnout by age, gender or party, visit:


Last Updated 3/5/2008