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Attorney General Conway Announces New Cybercrimes Division

On June 5, 2008 Attorney General Jack Conway announced the creation of a new investigative division dedicated to cybercrimes.

“This new cybercrimes unit fulfills my pledge to create a group of investigators that will focus its efforts on crimes that occur online or are committed by using new technology,” Conway said.

The Cybercrimes Division will investigate predators who are trying to harm Kentucky kids and crack down on identity theft, the fastest-growing crime in America. The six investigators in the group will also pursue criminals who steal from consumers via Internet scams.

The unit will lead statewide efforts to train local law-enforcement officers in processing computer or digital forensics evidence. During the week of June 2-6, the Office of the Attorney General, in conjunction with the University of Louisville, conducted digital forensics trainings in Frankfort and Hazard. Training will be conducted the following week in Burlington and Paducah.

“I’m hearing from law-enforcement officers that 80 percent of crimes are committed using a computer and involve digital or computer forensics,” Conway said. “It’s imperative that we reach out to investigators across Kentucky to make sure they are discovering and preserving crucial evidence that could lead to the successful prosecution of cybercriminals, and that we are expediting the turn-around time of processing digital evidence.”

In addition, Microsoft has chosen Conway’s office as one of nine agencies in the nation to host cybercrimes training and data-collection seminars. Employees from Microsoft will conduct training for police officers and prosecutors from across the commonwealth in September.


Last Updated 6/6/2008