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(l-to-r) Dr. John Tarrant, Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo, and Dr. Scott Haas

Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo (center) presented the Department of Corrections and the agency’s medical director, Dr. Scott Haas, (right), with awards during the recent e-Health Summit in Lexington. Dr. John Tarrant accepted the award on behalf of the Department of Corrections.

Corrections Department Receives Awards for Innovative e-Health Service
The Kentucky Department of Corrections (DOC) and the agency’s medical director, Dr. Scott Haas, received Health IT Innovators Awards at the recent Kentucky e-Health Summit.

Statewide Wireless Communication Services Contract Awarded
The Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT) recently announced that AT&T Wireless has been awarded a new, statewide contract for wireless communication services, including voice, or cellular, and wireless data services.

State Prods Job Seekers In New Direction
The Kentucky Personnel Cabinet's new Career Opportunities System has experienced heavy use in its first month of operation.  (Republished from the Frankfort State Journal by permission.)

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Continues REAL ID Efforts
The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is using $4 million in additional federal grant funding to assist with preparations for complying with the REAL ID Act of 2005.

Three Central Kentucky Companies Granted Funding From High-Tech Investment Pool
The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority recently granted three central Kentucky companies a combined total of up to $1,055,000 in funding from the High-Tech Investment Pool.

Kentucky Public Libraries Rank As Most Highly Regarded Local Government Service
Kentucky public libraries are the most highly regarded local government service, according to a recent independent survey of Kentuckians.

National Tech Stories
State Stat

The Economic Impact of Closing the Digital Divide

ConnectKentucky is working to close the digital divide by increasing the availability of broadband services across Kentucky.  The closing of the digital divide in Kentucky is already yielding dividends in the quality of life for citizens. By closing the digital divide, computer literacy has increased, the number of high-tech jobs has gone up, outpacing the national average, and Kentucky communities are welcoming the return of their offspring. Consider the following developments in higher education related to how ConnectKentucky has helped Kentucky address the “brain drain” challenge that all states face:

  • Today, 86 percent of all Kentucky graduates remain in Kentucky to live and work, a 17 percent increase since 2000;
  • Since 2000, there has been a 50 percent increase in the number of out-of-state students who remain in Kentucky;
  • For those graduates who began school as Kentucky residents, 95 percent of them now stay; and
  • The percentage of doctoral degree students who stay in Kentucky has nearly doubled, from 27 percent to 52 percent.

The above information is an excerpt from the 2007 Connected Nation executive summary.  Read more.

Techlines Trivia Question of the Month

Question:  During its first month of operation, how many people submitted online job applications using the Personnel Cabinet's new Career Opportunities System and how many job openings are posted on the system now?

Answer:  The Career Opportunities System has been online since Nov. 26 and more than 5,900 have used it to apply for state jobs. As of late December 2007, there were more than 200 jobs posted on the system and 14 positions had been filled using the new software.  Read more

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Techlines Trivia Question of the Month

During its first month of operation, how many people submitted online job applications using the Personnel Cabinet's new Career Opportunities System and how many job openings are posted on the system now?

(See the answer at the bottom of this page.)


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