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Annual Geographic Names Conference Held in Kentucky

The Commonwealth Office of Technology’s Division of Geographic Information and the Kentucky Geographic Names Committee (KGNC) co-hosted the Council of Geographic Names Authority’s 2007 (COGNA07) conference Oct. 2-6, 2007 at Lexington’s Ramada Conference Center.

COGNA is an independent, nonprofit organization of the official geographic names authorities in the United States. It was organized in 1977 by representatives of state geographic names boards, committees and councils in conjunction with the United States Board on Geographic Names (US-BGN).

This council makes recommendations to the US-BGN on the principles, policies and procedures that are followed in assigning or authorizing the names of geographic features in the United States while encouraging cooperation among the federal and state agencies responsible for the databases of names as mandated by the US-BGN. The council also seeks ways to make this information available to governmental agencies, public and private enterprises and the general public in addition to promoting the national standardization of the names of geographic features within the United States.

Since 1890, US-BGN has processed thousands of requests from nearly every state for new names, name changes and the correction of errors in the federal database of place names.

KGNC, established in 1985 as Kentucky’s affiliate to the US-BGN, receives requests for the approval of names for Kentucky’s unnamed places; corrections of errors on federal maps and other official documents; and name changes for previously named places.

For more information about the conference, please visit  Inquiries can be also be made to the Division of Geographic Information by calling 502-564-1450.


Last Updated 9/27/2007