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Kentucky 'Supreme Court LIVE' Allows Public Access to Oral Arguments

Court of Justice website

The Supreme Court LIVE oral arguments are only broadcast when the Supreme Court is in session.  See calendar here.

Oral arguments presented to the Kentucky Supreme Court are available via an online Web site called Supreme Court LIVE.

"I have long endeavored to promote public trust and confidence in the Kentucky Judiciary," said Chief Justice Joseph E. Lambert. “Broadcasting Supreme Court oral arguments live gives every citizen access to our proceedings and an opportunity to see their highest court doing its work."

“The Justices on the Kentucky Supreme Court recognize that cases argued before it can be useful teaching tools, so we are pleased to partner with the University of Kentucky College of Law to open oral arguments to students all across the world via live streaming of the oral arguments,” said Justice John D. Minton, Jr.

Having oral arguments available online will allow the general public, students and press to have easy access to the oral arguments being presented to the Supreme Court. The program will give individuals with Internet access the ability to see how the Supreme Court of Kentucky works and will bring a more open court system to Kentucky. 

The oral arguments site will be available from the Court of Justice Web site,, as well as from the University of Kentucky College of Law’s Web site, The University of Kentucky will maintain the site that hosts the live oral arguments. 


Last Updated 11/14/2007