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Kentucky Prepares to Celebrate National GIS Day

GIS display in Kentucky State Capitol Building

DGI's GIS display in the State Capitol showcased many objects that relate to Kentucky's use of geographic information systems.

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The Division of Geographic Information (DGI) in the Commonwealth Office of Technology is engaged in several activities to promote the upcoming Geography Awareness Week, Nov. 11-17 and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day, Nov. 14. 

One of DGI's recent activities was an exhibit in the State Capitol during October.  The exhibit enjoyed a high-profile location in one of the reserved glass display cases near the Capitol Rotunda just around the corner from Gov. Fletcher’s office.  Items in the display included tools, toys and books that reflect the wide range of geography and GIS influences upon citizens of all ages. 

In addition to promoting GIS and geography, a primary focus of the exhibit was to announce the upcoming annual Map and Poster Gallery coordinated by the division in support of GIS Day and Geography Awareness Week in November.  Maps and posters created by representatives of several state agencies and by students from elementary, middle and secondary schools will be featured in the gallery located in the basement tunnel connecting the Capitol to the Annex building.  Visitors to the gallery have an opportunity to see many examples of how GIS is used in the commonwealth and can enjoy more than 50 maps and illustrations that will remain on display in the tunnel throughout the month of November.

Held each year on Wednesday during the National Geographic Society’s Geography Awareness Week (November 11-17), GIS Day on November 14 is a global event that celebrates GIS, the innovative technology that uses geography to bring countless benefits to the world.  GIS touches Kentucky on a daily basis and is used throughout the world to solve problems related to the environment, health care, land use, business efficiency, education and public safety. 

GIS Day helps increase the public’s awareness of GIS technology and the important contributions it is making in the fields of science, technology, information and the humanities.  Events honoring GIS Day across the state and country especially focus on increasing geography awareness in students at all levels through engaging activities and by assisting educators in efforts to incorporate GIS into school curriculums.

For more information related to the GIS Map and Poster Gallery, Geography Awareness Week or GIS Day, visit the DGI Web site at


Last Updated 11/14/2007