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Gov. Ernie Fletcher and Transportation Cabinet Announce Computer Upgrades

Pendleton County Clerk’s Office first to get new computers and equipment

Willie Payton, Rita Spencer and Jim Lydon inspect some of the new equipment.
Shown are (L-to-R) Willie Payton, Assistant Director
of the Division of Motor Vehicle
Licensing, Rita
Spencer, Pendleton County Clerk and Jim Lydon,
Assistant Director of the
Division of Client Services
in the Commonwealth Office of Technology. The
Pendleton County
Clerk’s Office receives the new
Automated Vehicle Information System (AVIS)
upgrade, part of Gov. Ernie Fletcher’s
initiative to deliver modern technology to county
clerks’ offices throughout Kentucky.

On Feb. 27, 2007, Gov. Ernie Fletcher and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) announced the installation of new computer equipment for the county clerk’s office in Pendleton County.  The KYTC is installing the equipment as a part of a statewide automated vehicle information system (AVIS) computer upgrade that will take place over the next three years.

“It’s hard to imagine, but this old computer equipment has been in use for about 25 years,” said Transportation Cabinet Secretary Bill Nighbert. “Gov. Fletcher’s commitment to this project is making the system upgrade possible.  The county clerks need new equipment so they can do their jobs more efficiently.”
As the result of a Transportation Cabinet initiative, the state’s budget includes $750,000 over the next two years to replace old terminals, printers and networks in county clerk’s offices.  The AVIS upgrade will be divided into two parts: replacing network equipment and hardware and then software upgrade.  The KYTC is starting with the 60 smaller counties.  The network used by the county clerks will be updated, old terminals will be replaced with PCs and mainframe printers are being discarded in favor of new PC printers that will be used for vehicle registrations.

“Since we heard that we were going to get new computers we have been very excited,” said Pendleton County Clerk Rita Spencer.  “We appreciate being chosen, and we want to thank Gov. Fletcher and the Transportation Cabinet.”

House Bill 537, approved by the General Assembly last year, also set aside funds dedicated to computer improvements for county clerks.  On Jan. 1, 2007, the collection of new vehicle registration fees began.  HB 537 identifies three sources of money to be used for new AVIS enhancements. The first $1 is to be used for an actual new (modern) computer system. The second $1 is to be used for AVIS equipment and technology improvements. This money will be used to upgrade the network and new PCs/printers in county clerk offices. The third $1 goes to counties with populations less than 20,000.

“These much-needed improvements will make a world of difference for the county clerks and their customers,” said Department of Vehicle Regulation Commissioner Roy Mundy.  “This will bring all the county clerks on board with the same, modern computer network.  It is the foundation for the new AVIS computer system and future consumer services like digitized plates, on-demand registration stickers and expanding Internet transactions.”

KYTC is planning to have the network upgrade, new PCs and printers in 40-50 county clerk offices before July 1, 2007.  The process to install new equipment in larger counties is expected to begin later this summer with the entirely new AVIS system operational over the next three years.  The Commonwealth Office of Technology is assisting KYTC with the network upgrades and equipment installation.


Last Updated 3/7/2007