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Contract Awarded For New HR System

KY Personnel CabinetThe Personnel Cabinet recently awarded a multi-year, $23 million plus contract to IBM for the implementation of a comprehensive human resource (HR) information system for state government.  The new system, called the Kentucky Human Resource Information System (KHRIS), will utilize software from SAP AG and is expected to be fully operational in January 2009.

SAP AG is the largest software company in Europe and the third largest in the world. Some of SAP AG's over 38,000 worldwide customers include the University of Kentucky, University of Cincinnati and state government agencies such as Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and California.

"The new KHRIS system will be the cornerstone of the Personnel Cabinet’s ongoing effort to improve support for the employees and agencies of state government," said Personnel Cabinet Secretary Brian J. Crall.  "The implementation of this new system will be a significant challenge for our staff and our partner, IBM.  When fully implemented the new system will significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our cabinet’s services.”

The Personnel Cabinet is responsible for providing HR functions for state government and its employees. Those functions include: personnel; payroll; time and attendance; health insurance; life insurance; classification and compensation; deferred compensation; EEO/Affirmative Action; safety and performance management; and employee development training.

The primary objective of KHRIS is to replace the commonwealth’s legacy personnel, payroll and benefits administration systems, but most other HR processes will also be improved by the new software.  KHRIS will increase efficiency, lower costs, reduce paperwork and streamline all HR functions across state government. The system will have a Web-based user interface, coupled with a workflow engine to manage the re-engineered HR processes.

The KHRIS system will have a central repository of employee information that will support employee and manager selfservice, including statewide leave request and time entry, increased management reporting capabilities and improved benefits administration.  The system will also provide easy access to employee and organizational data for improved management decision making. The centralized data system will support consistency of HR processes and efficiency and effectiveness in dealing with employees.

Key highlights of the new KHRIS system include the following:

  • Comprehensive automated payroll/personnel system;
  • Centralized employee and financial information;
  • Process and procedural improvements;
  • Position control;
  • Easy access to HR data and reports;
  • Oversight, compliance and best practices;
  • Applicant-to-retirement tracking in one system;
  • Centralized benefit management;
  • Electronic workflow;
  • Significant decrease in manual processes;
  • Expanded and enhanced self-service options;
  • Workforce planning; and
  • Centralized time and attendance.

Once operational, the new KHRIS system will form the foundation for all HR administrative functions and will fundamentally change the way that Kentucky state government provides its HR services, both internally and externally.

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Last Updated 6/11/2007