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KET Demonstrates New Technology for CPB President

Patricia Harrison, president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), and a group of CPB representatives visited Kentucky Educational Television (KET) on April 27-28 to learn more about KET's extensive education services and groundbreaking use of technology for homeland security.

During a press conference and demonstration on April 28, Harrison spoke of the importance of KET to Kentuckians and public broadcasting to the entire nation. "Whether it's encouraging everyone to read the same book or providing vital information to families ... what KET is doing is a template for the rest of the country," said Harrison. Harrison went on to say, "my vision is to make sure people know that public television is a civic treasure that deserves strong federal investment."

The event began with demonstrations of three of KET's most recent projects. KET's Louisville division engineer Michael Harris explained the new KET DataCast system developed by KET for the Louisville Fire Department to help stream emergency information to safety personnel. Director of Arts Programming Nancy Carpenter then demonstrated the ArtsToolkit, a multimedia resource package featuring lesson plans linked to KET programs, interactive CD-ROMs and video materials, and other tools and resources to help K-12 teachers generate arts education lessons in their classrooms. Finally, KET Director of Education Kathy Quinn introduced Molly Morgan, a second grader from Cumberland Elementary School, who demonstrated KET EncycloMedia, a new Internet-based service providing free, comprehensive, multimedia learning materials to Kentucky public schools.

Following these demonstrations, Rep. Ben Chandler remarked, "KET is a guiding light ... an institution for progress, an institution for good." Kentucky Secretary of Education Virginia G. Fox also spoke during the event.

On April 27, Harrison met with a group of Kentucky's top education leaders, including Sec. Fox; Tom Layzell, president of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education; Allen Lind, vice president of information and technology for the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education and CEO of the Kentucky Virtual University and the Kentucky Virtual Library; Bob Sexton, director of the Prichard Committee; and Gene Wilhoit, commissioner of Education.

More about KET news and programming on KET's six digital channels is available on the KET Web site at


The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is a private, nonprofit corporation created by Congress in 1967. The mission of CPB is to facilitate the development of, and ensure universal access to, noncommercial, high-quality programming and telecommunications services.

Patricia Harrison was named president and CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) on June 23, 2005. Prior to her appointment to CPB, she served as assistant secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs and as acting undersecretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs. As an entrepreneur and author, Harrison has provided more than 20 years of leadership in communication strategy, coalition and constituency building. She is the author of "A Seat At The Table: An Insider's Guide for America's New Women Leaders and America's New Women Entrepreneurs."


Last Updated 5/10/2006