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Near Real-Time “Who’s In Jail” Database Now Up and Running in Kentucky

JusticeXchange offers a critical tool to help law enforcement track criminals

JusticeXchange website

Lt. Gov. Steve Pence recently introduced a new program, JusticeXchange™, which is now available to the commonwealth's criminal justice community. 

“It is critical that we provide our commonwealth’s public safety community with the resources they need to keep our communities and families safe,” said Lt. Gov. Pence. “The JusticeXchange program is a powerful investigative tool for any criminal justice official and we are pleased to have this program up and running here in Kentucky.”

JusticeXchange is a Web portal that provides law enforcement and other criminal justice officials instant access to information about offenders held in jails throughout the commonwealth and across the country. Based on data collected automatically from local jail management systems, JusticeXchange provides near real-time, current and historical information about incarcerated offenders, including biographical information, charges, photographs and behavioral reports, all accessible through a secure Web site.

Previously, law enforcement and other justice agencies had no way of tracking incarcerated offenders other than to physically call each prison facility across the state, or, if available, check each facility's Web site. JusticeXchange provides instant access to that information.

Although the program has only recently become operational, the JusticeXchange system has already marked successes here in Kentucky. Recently, the Louisville Metro Police Department had four felony warrants out for the arrest of an individual wanted on gun and drug charges. By using the JusticeXchange system, Metro Police were able to determine that the subject was already being held in Oldham County on lesser charges and was close to release. Metro Police were then able to track down the subject and serve felony warrants on the individual before the subject was released. 

JusticeXchange currently tracks 100 percent of state and local jail beds in Kentucky. The system also accounts for 43 percent of all county jail beds throughout the country.  Currently, data from 27 states is in JusticeXchange.  Kentucky is one of at least seven states that have launched a statewide JusticeXchange system. Other states include Arkansas, Florida, New York, Texas, Utah and Washington.

JusticeXchange was implemented through a partnership with Louisville-based Appriss, Inc., provider of the VINE® service. The funding for the program was provided through the Louisville Metro’s Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) grant, the Louisville Metro Criminal Justice Commission, the Unified Criminal Justice Information System (UCJIS) and the National Criminal History Improvement Program (NCHIP).

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Last Updated 3/8/2006