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Perryville Civil War Battle Virtual Tour Now Available

National Re-enactment Event Set for Oct. 7 - 8

A scene from the battle re-enactment at Perryville
Battlefield State Historic site.

On July 24th, Kentucky's Perryville Battlefield became the second battlefield in the nation available for virtual tour. Battlefield scenes, maps and vistas may be explored online at the Civil War Preservation Trust Web site, available at

"This makes important American history so much more available and real to the public,” said J.T. Miller,  Kentucky commissioner of parks. “It also helps tell the story and significance of the battle at Perryville.”

On October 8, 1862, Perryville became the site of the most destructive Civil War battle in the state. The battle left more than 7,500 soliders dead, wounded and missing. The battlefield is one of the most unaltered Civil War sites in the nation. The scenery today is the same as the one seen by Civil War soldiers on the day of the 1862 battle. 

“The fate of Kentucky, and in some ways the nation, hung on the outcome of the Battle of Perryville,” said Chris Kolakowski, executive director of the Perryville Battlefield Preservation Association.  “This tour helps people get a sense of what the battle was and the well-preserved battlefield that exists today.”

The Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT) is also pleased with the new addition to its Web site.

"Battlefields make history come alive like reading from a book never can,” said CWPT President Jim Lighthizer. “We are thankful that new technologies allow us to share the experience of visiting a site with more and more people.”

Perryville, now a state park, will host the national Civil War re-enactment battle on Oct. 7-8, 2006.  Thousands of re-enactors and visitors are expected to attend.


The Civil War Preservation Trust is America's largest non-profit organization devoted to the preservation of our nation's endangered Civil War battlefields. Since 1987, CWPT has helped save nearly 23,000 acres of hallowed ground, including 235 acres in Perryville.  CWPT’s Web site is located at

Advance discounted tickets are available for those interested in attending the re-enactment battle. A discount of $3 applies to both the one-day ticket, regularly priced at $15, and the two-day pass, which will cost $20 at the gate. For more information about the re-enactment weekend, contact the park at (859) 332-8631 or check the Department of Parks Web site, or visit:

The Kentucky State Park System is composed of 52 state parks plus an interstate park shared with Virginia. The Department of Parks, an agency of the Commerce Cabinet, operates 17 resort parks with lodges -- more than any other state. Each year, Kentucky parks draw 7 million visitors and contribute $317 million to the economy. For more information on Kentucky parks, visit the Parks Web site at


Last Updated 7/28/2006