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COT Employee Receives Fellow Award from the Soil and Water Conservation Society

Demetrio Zourarakis

                Demetrio P. Zourarakis, Ph.D.
Demetrio Zourarakis receives GIS award
James E. Haagen (left), KY Bluegrass Chapter
SWCS Secretary Elect, and Dr. John D. Mikulcik
(center), KY Bluegrass Chapter SWCS President,
present Demetrio Zourarakis with the chapter's
2005 Fellow Award.

Demetrio P. Zourarakis, Ph.D., an employee with the Division of Geographic Information (DGI), received the prestigious 2005 Fellow Award from the Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS), in recognition for his aptitudes, activities, exceptional professional achievements and his service to the SWCS. 

Under his leadership, the Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter carried out the first IT-in-Natural Resources Conference in Louisville (1996).  That event, a first of its kind in the region, brought Kentucky numerous awards, recognition and distinctions at the SWCS national and international levels.  Since then, Demetrio has provided numerous opportunities for professional development, by organizing SWCS biennial workshops on the applications of GIS, GPS and remote sensing in natural resources and environmental management and analysis, showcasing geospatial software and Kentucky spatial data layers.

Demetrio has an accomplished career, spanning two countries (United States and Argentina), with over 30 years of work in agricultural and geospatial sciences.  He has kept up with the pace of science and technology in resource monitoring and environmental and resource information analysis while continuously focusing on improving the skillset and knowledge base of colleagues with a sustained effort in developing and applying geospatial tools (i.e. GIS and remote sensing).

Within the Division of Geographic Information (DGI), Demetrio serves as a remote sensing and GIS analyst for the geospatial community at the local, state and national levels.  He is the technical lead and data analyst to the Kentucky Landscape Snapshot, the Kentucky Landscape Census and the Kentucky Watershed Modeling Information Portal projects.  These projects deal with issues of constant concern pertaining to the changes Kentucky is experiencing in its natural landscapes and how these changes can be measured, characterized and managed.  Through these efforts he is in constant interaction with water and land resource information management communities.

Demetrio also serves as DGI’s liaison to post-secondary institutions and plays a central role in providing outreach and training to other government, education, academic and private sector stakeholders, facilitating the dissemination and utilization of DGI’s remote sensed data products by and to Kentuckians.

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