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Commonwealth Technology News

Technology Partnership Saves Millions, Improves Quality of Inmates' Medical Care
As a result of an innovative partnership which has prospered under Gov. Fletcher's administration, Kentucky taxpayers now pay almost 40 percent less for inmate medical care.

Dr. David Brailer Speaks at e-Health Network Board Meeting
President Bush’s top health technology officer visits Frankfort to discuss national e-Health initiatives with the KY e-Health Network Board and meet with state, medical and business leaders.

Gov. Fletcher's Small Business Innovation Legislation Introduced
Gov. Ernie Fletcher’s initiative to help maximize potential and profit for Kentucky’s small businesses was recently introduced in the general assembly.  If passed, it will be a boost for high-tech and knowledge-based small businesses in Kentucky.

Annual Reports Now Available on KY SOS Web Site
Business entities registered in Kentucky can now obtain their 2006 annual reports with a single click of a mouse on the Secretary of State’s Web site.

'Best of Kentucky' Technology Awards Open For Nominations
A new IT awards program will be held in conjunction with the 2006 Kentucky Digital Government Summit in April.

KSP Marks Amber Alert Anniversary
The Kentucky State Police (KSP) joined law enforcement agencies nationwide in marking the anniversary of the disappearance of Amber Hagerman, whose name has become synonymous with the search and rescue of abducted children.

Transportation Cabinet Migrates Highway Inventory Database
The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet recently announced the successful migration of its statewide integrated highway inventory database.

Transportation Cabinet Announces New Online Service
The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet recently announced a new online service that allows drivers with a suspended license to pay their reinstatement fees online.

Lt. Gov. Pence Applauds Mobile Phone Donations By State Employees
Lt. Gov. Steve Pence recently announced that more than 1500 mobile phones and accessories were donated by state employees to generate funding for domestic violence prevention programs.

Updated List of 2005 Undeliverable Phase II Tobacco Settlement Checks Now Available
A new, updated list of 2005 Undeliverable Phase II Checks that remain unclaimed was published on the Governor’s Office of Agriculture Policy's Web site in early February.

Electronic Scrap Workshops at General Butler, Natural Bridge
The state Division of Waste Management’s Kentucky Recycling and Marketing Assistance Program is conducting e-scrap workshops at General Butler and Natural Bridge State Resort Parks.

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e-Health in Kentucky

Looming Demand for Online Healthcare Services in KY

e-Health in Kentucky - Research Bulletin 2005-14 from ConnectKentucky

Nearly two out of three (65%) Internet users in Kentucky use the Internet for health or medical information, communications or to purchase medicine or medical supplies. In absolute terms, this translates to 46% of all adults in the state, or 1.4 million resident adults.  Much of this use consists of searching the Internet for relevant health or medical information—one of the leading categories of information sought by today’s online consumers.  However, 11% of Kentucky Internet users report they have communicated with their doctors or health care professionals over the Internet, and 8% have purchased medicine or medical supplies online.  These latter applications have greater potential to revolutionize the delivery of health care in Kentucky and beyond. Using the Internet for each of these health care related purposes increases among users with broadband connections at home.

From:  ConnectKentucky Research Bulletin 2005-14

COT Trivia Question of the Month

:  What does the acronym COBOL stand for, and how many COBOL programs does Kentucky's Commonwealth Office of Technology maintain?

Answer:  COBOL stands for COmmon Business Orientated Language, and was one of the first computer languages for developing computer programs.  COBOL was developed in 1959-60 by a group of computer professionals called the Conference on Data Systems Languages (CODASYL).  The Commonwealth Office of Technology currently maintains almost 16,000 COBOL programs.  These COBOL computer programs help process the business data used by many Kentucky State Government agencies to deliver services to Kentucky citizens.

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COT Trivia Question of the Month

What does the acronym COBOL stand for, and how many COBOL programs does Kentucky's Commonwealth Office of Technology maintain?

(See the answer at the bottom of this page.)


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