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Project Management Presentation a Great Success

Commissioner Inman introduces Ben Stivers
Commissioner Inman welcomes the audience and
introduces the featured speaker, Ben Stivers.

Ben Stivers, speaker
Mr. Ben Stivers, head of Ceridian's nationally
acclaimed Project Management Office.

Tom Ferree and Ben Stivers
Tom Ferree and Ben Stivers answer questions
after the presentation.  Ferree was the event
sponsor and is the Executive Director of COT's
Office of Enterprise Policy and Project

On Sept. 7, the Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT) hosted a seminar entitled “Project Management: An Agent for Change” by Ben Stivers, noted author, lecturer and consultant in the field.  A large number of employees and managers from 15 agencies across state government gathered at the Transportation Cabinet Conference Center in Frankfort to hear Stivers.  Attendees were educated and enlightened about the techniques that he has developed from his extensive experience and put into practice in his highly successful Project Management Office (PMO) at Ceridian.

Stivers discussed how a PMO can provide leadership, coordination and enhanced communications across an enterprise to improve the way major projects are carried out. He explained the characteristics and functional roles of the successful PMO and shared both effective techniques and ‘lessons learned’ with the attentive audience.  His candid section on common obstacles to project success and suggestions on how to overcome these drew compliments from attendees.  His remarks clearly illustrated how a successful PMO can, and frequently does, affect an organization’s bottom line.

Stivers’ own highly effective PMO, featured in his award-winning presentation at Gartner Group’s 2005 Global PPM Conference, offers a good example of this.  In the three years since the creation of the PMO, cycle time for projects has been reduced by 48 percent and the return on investment for the PMO is 400 percent.  Customer satisfaction ratings for the three years average 4.8 on a 5 point scale.

A survey taken by COT immediately following the event elicited overwhelmingly positive comments on both the speaker and the presentation.  Attendees from many agencies asked to be added to a mailing list to receive information on future events and developments.

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Last Updated 10/7/2005
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