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Commonwealth Technology News

Gov. Fletcher Demonstrates High-speed Wireless Internet in Frankfort
As crowds descended on Frankfort for Kentucky Derby festivities, they were greeted with a new amenity: wireless high-speed Internet access.

Lt. Gov. Steve Pence Announces New AMBER Alert System Enhancement
Kentucky is the Seventh State to Host the AMBER Alert Portal.

Governor’s Mansion Launches New Web Site
The Governor’s Mansion now has a new online presence located at

Remote Sensing Workshops Held Around KY During April
Kentucky's Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT) was the recipient of a grant to conduct workshops introducing Kentuckians to remote sensing.

KY State Parks To Get Wireless Internet Access
A successful pilot project is being extended to all Kentucky State Parks this year.

COT Employee Receives GIS Certification
A Geographer with the Commonwealth Office of Technology is one of only eight people in Kentucky who have earned GISP certification thus far. 

Kentucky Board of Nursing Launches Newly-Designed Website
The Kentucky Board of Nursing now has a new online presence, located at

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Kentucky State Government E-mail Statistics


E-mail IconThe Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT) manages most of Kentucky State Government's growing e-mail traffic.  As increasing numbers of state employees rely on e-mail to help them with their daily workload, the state's e-mail activity has increased significantly.  Here are some interesting statistics about COT's e-mail activity:

  • COT maintains over 35,000 e-mail accounts (or mailboxes).
  • COT uses over 50 servers to support the state's Microsoft Exchange e-mail environment.  Presently, 25 servers house mailboxes while 26 other servers provide supporting or complementary services, such as authentication, anti-spam, anti-virus, routing and Blackberry wireless support.
  • COT's e-mail servers receive about 2.5 million e-mails per week, or about 130 million per year, from outside state government.
  • Of the 2.5 million external e-mails COT receives each week, about one million are spam or unsolicited non-business e-mails that must be blocked by the state's e-mail filtering system.
  • It takes about 1.5 terabytes (TB) of storage to store the state's e-mail database.  That's 1,500 billion characters of data storage!
  • The nightly backup of e-mail messages requires approximately two-thirds of a terabyte (TB).
  • E-mail storage requirements are growing at over 20% per year!


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