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February 7, 2005

On January 28 Gov. Ernie Fletcher announced state government employees can now use a new Internet-based system to submit suggestions on making state government more efficient, thanks to the newly-launched Employee Suggestion System Web site.

Employee Suggestion System

The newly enhanced system puts Kentucky on top in recognizing and managing the ideas of employees.  “My administration continues its commitment to eliminate waste, fraud, abuse, and inefficiencies in state government,” said Gov. Fletcher.  “Through the Employee Suggestion Systems, employees are able to play a role in making this happen by suggesting ways to increase efficiencies and save money.  I encourage each and every state employee to use this system — a system which empowers employees to make a difference in state government.”

The Kentucky Employee Suggestion System is an incentive program designed to encourage merit employees to participate in good management by submitting their suggestions for implementation.  Employees who suggest implemented ideas receive awards ranging from a minimum of $100 to 10 percent of the first-year savings ($2,500 maximum award.)

The Personnel Cabinet has partnered with IDMS, a Kentucky-based solutions development firm, to deliver a system that takes advantage of the best practices in the area of idea management. Together they have revolutionized the concept of the traditional system to provide consistent submissions, approval and notification. Employees can now submit suggestions at the moment an idea occurs by utilizing a new online form, available 24-7.  The form is simple, user-friendly and fast.  Employees receive immediate confirmation and will be able to track their suggestion. “The Employee Suggestion System has successfully saved the commonwealth millions of dollars since its implementation,” said Personnel Cabinet Secretary Erwin Roberts. “With the enhanced system, we hope more state employees will participate in the program, resulting in more efficiency in state government, and in addition, more rewards for more employees whose ideas are selected.”

Last December 28 state employees were recognized for their implemented suggestions which saved more than $760,000. The five-year life savings from last year’s suggestions alone will amount to more than $3.8 million in savings. The Kentucky Employee Suggestion System was implemented in 1981.  The first-year savings recognized since the system’s establishment is more than $26 million.

Employees can access the site at


For More Information:

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Personnel Cabinet
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Last Updated 2/7/2005