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Commonwealth Technology News

Showcasing Kentucky's Brightest Technology Students
On January 25 students in a special statewide technology program gathered in Frankfort to display their projects and share ideas.

Q & A: 6 Month Check Up with Kentucky's Technology Leader
Techlines checks in to see what progress has been made, what challenges have been encountered and what's on the horizon for the Commonwealth Office of Technology.

Attracting Technology Companies to Kentucky
Business is booming as one state cabinet works to sell the benefits of the bluegrass to technology companies.

Click Here to Help Make Kentucky More Efficient
State employees now have a quick and easy way to make suggestions to improve state government.

It's Getting Easier to Start a Business in Kentucky
Secretary of State Trey Grayson announces an easier and faster way for new businesses to interact with Kentucky state government.

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Government Performance Project Results
Government Performance Project Results

On January 31, Governing Magazine issued its Government Performance Project’s (GPP) “Grading the States 2005,” the nation’s only comprehensive, independent analysis of how well each state is managed. Kentucky was ranked among the top states.  “We made a commitment to the people of Kentucky that we would be good stewards of their money,” Governor Ernie Fletcher said. “Taxpayers can be assured that we are continually searching to find ways to become more efficient and remember our duty of fiscal responsibility. It’s also a testament to the hard work and dedication of our state employees who are working every day to make a difference and improve the important services provided to the people of Kentucky.”

Kentucky's scores in the four grading categories were:

  • Money - B+
  • People - B
  • Infrastructure - B+
  • Information - B

Kentucky was one of five states to receive a B+ score. No state received an A, and only Utah and Virginia had an A-. 

Read the full report here.  (source: http://www.gpponline.org)


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