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Kentucky Digital Government Summit Comes to Lexington

The 2005 Kentucky Digital Government Summit kicks off April 26 in Lexington, Kentucky, at the Embassy Suites Hotel.  This year's keynote will be delivered by one of America's leading voices on digital government, Paul Taylor, Ph.D., chief strategy officer, Center for Digital Government. 

Other highlights for this year's summit include:

  • A session on Leadership in e-Government
  • Broadband Initiatives in Kentucky
  • Consolidation Trends in Government
  • Voice Over IP
  • GIS Capabilities and Opportunities
  • Cyber Security
  • Ideas for Saving Money
  • Sharing Systems and Applications
  • Project Management
  • Identity Management and Authentication
  • Architecture Best Practices
  • Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence

The summit is an excellent opportunity for those working in city, county, state and federal government to share ideas and see what IT and technology projects and initiatives are getting attention in Kentucky.  

According to Mike Inman, Kentucky's commissioner of technology, "For the fifth straight year the Commonwealth Office of Technology is pleased to partner with Government Technology magazine and our key industry sponsors in hosting the Kentucky Digital Government Summit. This gathering of IT leaders from all across the commonwealth provides a wonderful forum for communications and collaboration on technology solutions and business practices that can help those of us in the public sector increase efficiency and improve services. It provides excellent opportunities for us to communicate our vision and requirements for technology solutions to the vendor community. And it allows us to interact with the IT education community that is so important to our future in training and developing prospective technology workers. Given the heightened awareness and interest in technology, and its impact on our future economy, which has come about as a result of Gov. Fletcher's "Prescription for Innovation," I expect this conference to be an exceptionally rewarding and interesting event."

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Keynote Address

Paul W. Taylor, Ph.D
Paul Taylor, Ph.D., Chief Strategy Officer, Center for Digital Government

The 50th Anniversary of Digital Government
Lessons from the first 50 years that we can take into the next 50

The first application of digital government was in 1955. The cold war served as a tipping point for information technology, with unique government needs driving joint development of systems that integrated hardware, software and network connectivity for the first time. Now, half a century later, the Internet has changed the game again, turning closed, proprietary systems and networks on their head in the face of daunting security and continuity challenges. This session attempts to step back from the pendulum shifts in centralization vs. decentralization, public vs. private, buy vs. build, and own vs. lease to extract lessons that can serve public sector IT during the next 50 years while daring to imagine what it would be like to do IT all over again.


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